Quote from Tsoknyi Rinpoche on the nature of mind

Here’s a wonderful quote by Tsoknyi Rinpoche from his book “Carefree Dignity” that points towards the nondual nature of mind. Granted, this perspective is quite subtle and elusive, especially if we are coming from the perspective of a meditator trying to grasp or attain some sort of state or realization. I am very grateful for Tsoknyi Rinpoche’s freshness and directness.

From the book “Carefree Dignity,” page 66:

“There is only one mind; it is not that there are two minds, one recognizing the other. In the very moment of recognizing, it is like a knot that is untied. We don’t have to do anything further than that, leave it untied. In the moment of looking, it is already seen. It is not that later on we come to see. Why? Because mind and mind essence are very close. The second reason is that it is not that mind essence is something that we have to get our sights on; it’s not like that. It is not that we need to hold the awareness on it for a while, like one or two minutes and slowly it will appear within our experience. Since there is only one mind, the moment you recognize, it is simply a matter of letting go.  The thinker or knower of that moment is just like a new knot, like a new thought. The moment you abandon it, it unties. We are already arrived at where we need to arrive at, we are already in the nature of mind.”


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